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Aug 26 2020

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Minbos Resources Ltd Company Overview

📋 About: Minbos Resources (ASX: MNB) is sitting on a large phosphate resource in Angola that has the potential to dramatically transform the country’s food security and crop yields.

Phosphate is a key ingredient in fertiliser, and MNB will mine the raw phosphate rock, then truck it to a major Angolan port via existing infrastructure.

At the port, it will be enhanced and sold as a blended product to agricultural distribution networks across the country.

Minbos Resources Company Milestones

Portfolio Launch
Scoping Study
$2.3M Cap Raise @ 3c (after consolidation)
Finalise Contractors for Definitive Feasibility Study
Share Consolidation 20-1
Definitive Feasibility Study
Key Board Appointments
Strategic MoU with IFDC
Mineral Investment Contract signed with Angola Government
Results from IFDC Field Trials FY 20/21
Angolan Field Trials 20/21 Commenced
$7.3M Cap Raise @ 8c
Mining Licence Granted
🌎 Phosphate Price Surge
🔄 [NEW] IFDC Field Trials FY 21/22
🔲 [NEW] Results from IFDC Field Trials FY 21/22
🔲 Environment and Social Impact Assessment Approved
🔲 Environmental Impact Assessment Approved
🔲 Complete Granulation Plant Design
🔲 Installation Environmental Licence Granted
🔲 Results from Angolan Field Trials 20/21
🔲 Offtake Agreement
🔲 Raise Capital for Plant Construction
🔲 Updated DFS Complete
🔲 Plant Construction Commence
🔲 New Milestones Added When Plan Construction Commences
[UPA 1] Investigating Zero Carbon Ammonia
[UPA 2] National Significance of Project
🔲 Unexpected Positive Announcement 3

Next Investors Investment Milestones

Initial Investment: @3c
Increase Investment: @8c
🔲 Price increases 500% from initial entry
🔲 Price increases 1000% from initial entry
🔲 Price increases 2000% from initial entry
🔲 12 Month Capital Gain Discount
🔲 Free Carry
🔲 Take Some Profit
🔲 Hold remaining Position for next 2+ years

** Prices have been adjusted for the 20-1 share consolidation.

”Expected Company Milestones” are based on the company's publicly available execution plan and some assumptions made by our team on potential announcements that should de-risk the investment. “Our investment milestones” show our current long-term investment plan. Early stage investments are risky and there is no guarantee that the expected events will occur. The lists are not in sequential order.


🔲 Expected Milestone
✅ Achieved Milestone
🟩 Above Average Result
🟨 Average (Expected) Result
🟧 Below Average Result
🟥 Negative Result
🌎 Macro Event
🔄 In Progress
⚔️ Results from Other Company / Project
[UPA] Unexpected Positive Announcement
[NEW] New Milestone Added

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