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Sep 25 2020

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📋 About: Vonex Limited (ASX:VN8) is an Australian telecommunications company providing innovative VoIP solutions. Vonex is employing an aggressive acquisition strategy to grow revenues at scale.

🌏 Macro Theme: 5G capable devices and infrastructures to roll out into the market, which will boost the transition into the ‘Internet of Everything’ network of people, processes, data and things.

Vonex Company Milestones

These lists show past milestones achieved by the company, and Next Investors opinion on possible future milestones that we think would add value

✅ 2SG Incorporation Complete: Next Investors Commentary
✅ Portfolio Initiation:
Next Investors Commentary
📅 FY21 Q1 - $16.7M Annual Recurring Revenue:
Next Investors Commentary
✅ 2SG Wholesale 5G services selected by Optus as a key 5G partner

📅 FY21 Q2 - $18.0 Annual Recurring Revenue
🟥 Oper8r app discontinued
Nextel Acquisition Complete: Next Investors Commentary
✅ Wholesale Agreement with Orange: Next Investors Commentary
📅 FY21 Q3 - 45K PBX Users, Cashflow Positive

Nextel Incorporation Complete: Next Investors Commentary
🔲 50k PBX users
✅ Acquisition 3 - Announced (MNF Group Direct Business)
🔲 Acquisition 3 - Complete Transaction (MNF Group Direct Business)
🔲 MNF Group Direct Business - Incorporate into business
🔲 MNF Group Direct Business - Revenue Growth
🔲 Acquisition 4 - Announced
🔲 Acquisition 4 - Complete Transaction
🔲 Acquisition 4 - Incorporate into business
🔲 Acquisition 4 - Revenue Growth
🔲 Unexpected Positive Announcement 3
🔲 Annual recurring revenue hits $25M
🔲 Annual recurring revenue hits $50M
🔲 Cashflow positive for half year
🔲 Cashflow positive for full year
🔲 Vonex acquired by larger telco company

Next Investors Investment Strategy

Initial Investment: @14c
Increase Investment: @12.5c
🔲 Increase Investment
🔲 Price increases 500% from initial entry
🔲 Price increases 1000% from initial entry
🔲 Price increases 2000% from initial entry
🔲 12 Month Capital Gain Discount
🔲 Free Carry
🔲 Take Profit
🔲 Hold remaining Position for next 2+ years

”Expected Company Milestones” are based on the company's publicly available execution plan and some assumptions made by our team on potential announcements that should de-risk the investment. “Our investment milestones” show our current long-term investment plan. Early stage investments are risky and there is no guarantee that the expected events will occur. The lists are not in sequential order.


🔲 Expected Milestone
✅ Achieved Milestone
🟥 Negative Result
🌎 Macro Event

Market Data

Latest Article

VN8 to consume its biggest ever acquisition

VN8 to consume its biggest ever acquisition

Vonex (ASX: VN8) today announced a new acquisition to deliver $15.6M revenue with an EBITDA of approximately $5M in CY2020.

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