Reader Testimonials

  1. You have the highest principles and most ethical service I have ever seen. You are willing to share your wisdom with full transparency and enable smaller long term private investors like me to benefit. In fact you have changed my life; financial freedom and a father who can support his children’s education and contribute to charitable causes.

    Keep up the great work; helping allocate private capital in an efficient way whilst maximizing the distributional benefits to smaller investors is a meritorious service you provide.

    Believe me - you are improving the lives of other people and you have my heart felt gratitude.

    For the future you may even slowly branch out to other markets - like Canada for example.

    In future you may even try to identify those of your subscribers who try to shadow your portfolio long term versus the day trader crew (who I have noticed are also professional firms play the curve and announcements.

    Here is to the Long Termers 🍻

    All the best & have a great weekend

    Show More Atif - Aug. 29, 2021
  2. Hi Folks,
    Congratulations....well done on your successes.
    I have been investing in shares for 19 years and your investing model is superior to any other systems I have financially endorsed by way of membership.
    Nowadays Next Investor and Finfeed are my only "advisors". With respect, I can see growing pains of your services being a challenge for both your 6 partners and ourselves as members, but I'm sure you are aware of that.
    Based on your current model of your System, I have recommended a couple of close friends to your service and will continue to do so.
    So guys, keep up the good work and please ignore the "external noise".
    Best Regards,

    Show More Leith - Aug. 28, 2021
  3. Neil - Aug. 28, 2021
  4. I think you fellas are doing a great job and I love the easy read reports
    Only just getting my small stock portfolio started and having a ball ,
    Much appreciate the effort you guys put in every week

    Show More Matt - Aug. 28, 2021
  5. It’s never enough, appreciate all the hard work you guys do and due diligence. Keep it coming

    Omar - July 17, 2021
  6. I love your wonderful service and appreciate the efforts that you make to keep your subscribers fully informed on progress with your stock selections. I particularly like the close watch applied to VUL, EMN and similar battery related stocks. I have much to thank your service for … it’s been a sensational ride so far.

    Show More Barry - July 17, 2021
  7. I think it is marvellous of you to give us EARLY NOTES and INFO, we APPRECIATE it very much. After all, we all in it together, and the earlier info and news regarding your investment portfolio, the better for our judgement and decision making.

    Show More Chris - July 17, 2021
  8. Thanks for all the information you put out. I have generated some life changing results by following your recommendations and look forward to riding on your coat-tails into the future.

    Show More Dean - July 17, 2021
  9. I cannot tell you what joy you give me when I read your research on microcaps. I am a retired 74 year old lady from NZ and love reading about shares all day if necessary. I buy and sell my own with your help!

    Show More R.T. - July 15, 2021
  10. Let me start off by saying how impressed and appreciative I am of your regular updates on the market out there and how the selected companies perform. It surely is refreshing to get the impression you guys are sincere in your comments and summarise the information in such a way for the reader not to get lost in too much analysis paralyses. Well done !

    Show More Hoffie - July 1, 2021
  11. I am fairly new to investing and find your emails very helpful especially company milestones and investment milestones. You are a large research help for me.

    Peter - June 9, 2021
  12. John - May 27, 2021
  13. I hope this email finds you well, I have recently subscribed to your service after being recommended by multiple people and I can happily say I enjoy your material and it is very educational, I can see that your research and information will greatly benefit my portfolio.

    Show More Merv - May 25, 2021
  14. Thanks for the updates guys you do an amazing job

    Rob - May 23, 2021
  15. The first and foremost reason for joining Next Investors was a their fantastic research and transparent approach to help ASX community.

    Their pick and subsequent updates on pick is very thorough and detailed. Providing commentary on every announcement reflect their accountability and professionalism.

    Also they are constantly thriving to improve and always ready to consider constructive feedback

    Show More Monika - May 8, 2021
  16. Subscriber - May 8, 2021
  17. Thanks a ton for your free service. It is the best in the world.

    Partha - May 4, 2021
  18. I Really enjoy receiving your emails. Your insight and research is invaluable and I appreciate your efforts.

    Simon - May 2, 2021
  19. Thank you very much for this email. Your research is very impressive. And it shows that all of you are really true professionals.

    Please keep up your good work.

    Eddie - April 28, 2021
  20. Hi Team,

    It’s amazing to have followed your team with such stocks picked.

    I have been around long term investing on the stock market. Overseas as well as asx.

    Most of the articles as well as stock forums are jokers, except for your team excellent work.

    Your real words with great efforts often support your picked stocks with good news gaining certain value on the date & off course profit taking of day traders shall take place after is a must!

    I don’t have enough kind words to thank the team's hard work as you guys have helped to change my little team's life amazingly.

    Many thanks again.

    Show More Kenny - April 22, 2021
  21. Ethan - April 16, 2021
  22. Firstly just wanted to say I think you have a terrific business model, investing in stocks with potential, and then letting us know about it. I am doing really well with your last few recommendations.

    Anyway, my quest and research makes me realise what difficult work this is. Definitely respect what you do, and hoping at some stage you can tip your readers into a great Copper stock !

    Keep up the great work !!


    Show More Mark - April 16, 2021
  23. You are on the ball, I really look forward to you announcements, you really do the homework

    Rodger - April 14, 2021
  24. I have been a subscriber with you for a while now and just wanted to say that I love your work! I have made trades as well as confirmed my own analysis of securities from your work and am grateful for the quality information you guys distribute.

    Show More Rhys - April 8, 2021
  25. Hey Guys, holy shit you guys are amazing!!!.

    I am a subscriber who's loving what you're doing.

    I’m your number one fan. I have got all my friends, family and work mates to also subscribe to your emails. I’ve basically turned into everyone into a trader using your stock tips and every single investment that I’ve made following your advice has gone up a minimum of 250%!!!

    Thanks in advance and keep up the amazing work that you're doing!!!

    Show More Alana - March 30, 2021
  26. Quenton - March 29, 2021
  27. First of all congrats, I love your job and you've helped me step up my investing career :-)

    Hugo - March 29, 2021
  28. Once again a great summary. You guys are really on the ball. Thank you so much for doing such a great job…. probably the best of any service I follow ! And yes good luck to us all !

    Show More Sam - March 22, 2021
  29. Matt - March 21, 2021
  30. Hi Next Investors. Once again thanks for the stock tips, this is shaping up to be a fantastic year in the stock market best wishes for 2021

    Giovanni - Jan. 8, 2021
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